Top 3 Dog Breeds that Live the Longest

Top 3 Dog Breeds that Live the Longest

All of us love dogs. They, in fact, are one of the most incredible creatures of the earth. Dogs are the closest aide to men. They are friendly and man’s best friend. That being the case, it is quite saddening that they live only one-fourth of our age. So at some point in time, we are expected to lose them. Almost all dog lovers wonder why these creatures don’t live long. So here we are going to see the top 3 dog breeds that live the longest. See if you can own one!

Yorkshire terrier


Chihuahua and New Guinea Singing dog:

There are two different breeds here that take the first place. While dog experts give these dogs an average lifespan of 17 years, some of them have lived even for a period of 20 years. After all, all of us love dogs, and that is the reason I simply place two dogs at the top of the list. Chihuahua looks small and cute, but at the same time they are pretty healthy as well, they are not easily prone to any type of illness. On the other hand, you are still wondering is New Guinea Singing dog is even a breed? Yes, they actually exist and they are one of the rarest types of dogs. There are only 100 of them in the whole world and poor souls they live in captivity.

Yorkshire terrier:

While most of the terrier breeds are quite good when it comes to their life expectancy, the Yorkshire terrier is the best of all of them. They live for a span of 17 to 20 years. Though 20 is an exceptional case in these dogs, most of them live more than 17 years, which is odd for most dogs. Though there are scientific pieces of evidence that prove the lifespan of these dogs, they are so small and tiny, and it makes it quite unbelievable that this tiny pups can live so long. Most families love to own a Yorkshire terrier because of they are cute-looking, affable and of course, they live longer.

Toy Poodle:

A lot of claims and different accounts are available with regard to the origin of these dogs but no doubt they are one of the longest living breeds in the world. Toy poodle is one of the cutest breeds that one can ever own.  They are cute, and they look typically like a doll. They are available in different sizes and are very much intelligent. They can be easily trained when compared to other dogs. Though the life expectancy of these dogs can be from 12 to 15, some dogs have surpassed the limit and live for 18 to 20 years. This cannot happen in all cases, but it is not impossible.

5 Dog Breeds that you wouldn’t Believe are Sensitive

5 Dog Breeds that you wouldn’t Believe are Sensitive

Dogs are smart, alert and ferocious animals in the animal kingdom. But as much as this is possible they are also the type of animals that are very much sensitive as well. It is very much unbelievable to note that the dogs that are termed as the toughest ones are the ones that are sensitive too. Is it hard to believe right? It is not just fun but also a call for you to understand the way you have to see and understand animals. So here we are going to list the top 5 sensitive dog breeds.



American pit bull terrier:

Ok, this name in the first place is sending shock waves inside you. It is not possible for a pit bull terrier to be sensitive. Are we even joking here? Like I said earlier, most people believe that ferocious dogs aren’t sensitive. But the truth is that they are ferocious only because they are sensitive. An American Pit Bull Terrier is very much emotionally attached to its owner. So any threat that would affect the well-being of the owner, is viewed by the dog ferociously.

Australian Shepherd:

Australian Shepherds are again viewed as tough dogs and are way too particular when it comes to protecting their owner. The thing with these tough dogs is that they are boundlessly attached to their owner, and they do not have love left for others. This is the reason why they are tough and ferocious. Needless to say, they are no way less in being emotional when compared to the pit bull terrier.

Border collie:

The Border collie is usually a common breed in the areas of England, and it can live up to a span of 17 years. As we know Border collie belongs to the working class of dogs. They are also known as the herd dogs that stand as guard dogs. Though all classes of animals have some sort of attachment to their owners, they working class usually have it a little less, and they are more trained to hard labor. But the case is quite different here. Border collie is a very sensitive dog and is emotionally attached to its owner.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel:

The Cavalier King is a lapdog. It is usually trained to be so, and it fulfills that purpose. This breed looks big and seems a little terrifying, but they are exactly the opposite if how they look. They are very much gentle and kind. The common type of dogs that are used for therapy is also the spaniel breed.  Then you can imagine the level of friendliness and sensitivity inside them.


Again an unbelievable name on the list. While there are so many dog breeds, why would a Rottweiler be on the sensitive list? Yes, Rottweiler is again a very sensitive breed. Though they are unarguably ferocious and are mainly used as guard dogs, they are emotional pups. They get along well with cops, and they remain loyal and are attached to their owners all their life.