With the longer nights and shorter days come more cold temperatures as the sun doesn’t seem to be able to warm as much as it did during the summer. With these changes there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to your garage door. There’ll be leaves all around soon and pumpkin flavored things as far as the eye can see, but spending just a few moments’ thought on how to keep your garage door and garage door opener in tip top shape can save you a lot of hassle down the road as well as keep your garage door running more smoothly and longer.

The first thing to keep in mind when fall comes is to take a look at that your weather strip. Fall means a change in temperatures and general weather, but most of all it means leaves falling from the trees. They’ll be coming off the trees quickly and while you might be quick with the rake, there is no denying that some leaves are going to be blowing up your driveway and towards your garage door. If you don’t have a weather strip then all those leaves can just slide right underneath your garage door. You’ll have a ton of leaves in your garage and it will be a bit of an inconvenience to deal with them. What is much easier to do is to fix a broken weather seal and spend five minutes on it, mitigating the problem for years to come even.

As fall is approaching that also means that winter is around the corner as well. Winter is when you certainly don’t want to be doing repairs as easy as a weather strip replacement as well. The cold and snow will be just as big of a problem with a faulty weather seal, but the repair will be even more annoying. That is why doing the garage door repair while it is still somewhat warm out is a great idea if you see the need for it.

Another garage door repair that might become necessary during the decline in temperatures is the garage door alignment. Garage doors can be finicky at times. When temperatures fluctuate every day things in the garage door set up move and expand as they do. This causes things to shift slowly in relation to one another. Eventually this can mean that one side of your garage door is actually lower than the other, or the entire door is closing too little or too much. This is because of these small incremental changes, but can in fact cause some big problems.

Check to make sure that your garage door is closing properly and that when it is closed fully, that each end of the door is all the way down. If one side is higher than the other you might have an alignment problem which should be fixed by a professional. A small alignment problem can get worse and worse, ending with some costly repairs or even a total garage door replacement if you’re not lucky. It can also very easily end up with your garage door not closing.

Fall is a great season fro most, so make the most out of it by keeping your garage door up to speed. There’s no need ruin a great few months with a costly repair, so stay on top of a few things and you should be golden as the leaves coming off the trees.